Best PDF scanner app for Android
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Best PDF scanner app for Android | Best document scanner

Pdf Scanner or Document scanner is a need indeed in day today’s time. Sometimes we need to scan documents for some personal reason or some official reason. So, a PDF scanner is a must-have application in every mobile.

There are a lot of PDF scanner apps available on the google play store, but some are premium and ask for money, and some free but show a lot of ads.

Some applications have limited features like the limit of how many pages you can scan in one file, etc.

One of the best PDF scanners I have found for android mobiles especially and it is provided by Google himself and already preinstalled on our mobile but many of us don’t know about that.

Today, I am sharing the best PDF scanner app for Android mobiles named Google Drive, which can also be used as remote storage, watch the full tutorial in Hindi…

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